Friday, January 6, 2006

Can't say no...

Yes, I can... they just won't listen. The university just kept asking me to do the course in different ways.


"How about teaching a 20hr/week course?"

"Sorry, I'm really too busy."


"How about developing and teaching a 20 hr/week course?"

"I'm really sorry, I'm quite busy and I'll be leaving mid-February."


"How about a 20 hr/week course that you develop and teach in?"

"Heyyyyy... now you're just changing the words around!"
“Si le preguntamos en español, ¿usted aceptaría la oferta?”

Finally, feeling like an awful person for not "helping out" and afraid to turn down all my kudos (not to mention the cash), I capitulated. So, as of today, here's a list of things I have to finish:
  1. Develop and teach remedial high-beginner course for Chinese undergrads. Starts Tuesday, found out yesterday. (20 hrs/week + prep.)
  2. Preparatory class for International EMBA student. (4 hrs/week +prep.)
  3. Private class on Case Methods (4 hrs/week + prep.)
  4. Edit, record and master documentary narration for Uighurs in Xinjiang. Part 1 is due tomorrow and Part 2 is due mid-next week. (40 hrs+)
  5. Application to NTNU, visa, passport, and other assorted preparation and packing. Most are due mid-January. (Auuuugh!)
I'm going to be waking up screaming in Taiwan, thinking I've missed some sort of deadline. Possibly I will have.


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