Monday, January 19, 2009

KLIM is back with more cheese than ever!

Ah, KLIM, you old friend of Taiwan's supermarket shelves, you're back! And all NEW, no less.

It makes me wonder why you ever left in the first place! It obviously wasn't to think up a better name, say like ENIMALEM, which might be very popular with the new rap generation.

No, you're back and you're all new with 100% New Zealand and Australian Milk. I wonder why that would be so important to promote these days?

Ah well, I'm not going to take pot shots at an industry which has obviously been destroyed by tainted milk from that place we are not to mention in the local Taiwan media these days. (Unless, of course, it's totally positive--just ask those poor Buddhist Monks who, for some reason, seemed to hardly make a blip on Taiwan's scandal-hungry media radar.)

No, I just wanted to ask: KLIM, you old chemical standby of fresh milk, is the cheese you put into your advertising 100% New Zealand and Australian, too? (That opening shot, however, is very realistic, I must say. The early morning in Taipei--sunlight streaming in over a smoke-filled kitchen.)

In the end, well done, KLIM, for not giving up and going home. Because Planet KLIMTON is just so far away to visit!

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