Sunday, March 6, 2011

226 Montreal Protest Site Shut Down?

Interesting. Sounds like they are trying to shut things down on the 226 Protest against the Montreal Gazette page. I wonder why? There is an adequate English translation below but I translate the Chinese as:

While the article that was published was obviously unfair, it was one person's personal experiences.  Such expressions of emotion and personal speculations serve only to obscure the original intentions of this group and may lead to unwanted effects for those Taiwanese and Canadians who love Taiwan. 

 Here's the full posting from one of the admins:
基於尊重正確的事件傳播以及避免事件被過度放大,此論壇將關閉。 請將您寶貴的意見寄到:
再次,萬分地感謝大家對台灣的熱情及擁護 !!
I’d like to thank all ours friends for supporting Taiwan. Promoting the great images of Taiwan is what every Taiwanese supposed to do. As Montrealers from Taiwan, we will keep doing our best to be the voice for the country we love. 
What the newspaper published in this article may not be impartial but was only one person's personal perceptions. Therefore, our emotional speeches and personal speculation will only vague the focus of the event, and may cause some unnecessary effect toward the other Taiwanese and Canadians who love Taiwan. 
Based on respect for the proper event propagation and to avoid the event is over enlarged, therefore, this discussion group will be closed. If you have any valuable opinion, please email to:
Thanks again for your warm supports and your love to Taiwan !!

UPDATE: (About 10:30AM EST) There has been clarification from another admin that the group has temporarily "closed the comment function" but asks for continued support through invitations to the group. (About 12:30 EST) Post seems to be removed.

UPDATE 2:  (About Monday 7:00 AM EST) Seems like comments are still open but posting new items is disabled. (?) Old posts are being brought to the top when members comment.

UPDATE 3: (About Monday 1:30PM) Admin has removed all members and made it clear that the group is closing.

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