Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lindsey Craig and Editor Respond to Criticisms, Protest

Ms. Craig and her editor responded to her recent criticisms over her article on Culture Shock in Taiwan today in a "Note to readers" published in the Montreal Gazette.  Although I do not know Ms. Craig personally, she did contact me recently over what had happened to her but asked that our conversation be kept private. I don't think she would mind me saying that she found the whole experience traumatizing and the extent to which some attacks were taken a bit excessive.

Ms. Craig's note to readers attempts to clarify that the intent of her article was to let people know they should do their homework before travelling.  She responds that the articles focus was culture shock, but that her observations led to criticisms of xenophobia, being pampered and not understanding the world very well.

What I found most poignant, however, was her description of the harassment she received. While I'm sure she might have expected nasty words on social media sites, or even threatening phone calls, who could imagine calls to former employers in Taiwan and other people that she knew.  On the whole, I thought it was a brave and mature response given the backlash she faced.  She seems to be asking for understanding of her points however, so as she mentions in the note, this might only serve to stir up more criticism.

The editor's note is more brief and to the point.  There is no retraction of the Gazette's decision to publish the piece and she holds to the position of the article.  It seems more like a position to defend the journalistic principles upon which the piece was published. She does explain the decision to run the story, although I think that this letter gives no ground on the decision to publish the piece.  Let's see what happens...



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